That photography thing then…

It all started out one day, having lunch in the workshop, trolling though ebay… as you do.  I found myself perusing the camera section and it turns out that 35mm film SLRs can be had for almost no money at all.  Well… I was looking for a new hobby, and quite a few of my work colleagues are into the photographing: I fancied myself a piece of that action.

So I turned to the internet to do a bit of research on the bits and bobs that had caught my eye.  Long story short I ended up with the following:

  1. Praktica MTL3 camera body,
  2. Pentacon 50mm 1:1.8 Lens (standard issue with the MTL3 back in t’day),
  3. Auto-Chinon 28mm 1:2.8 Lens,
  4. A pair of UV filters, One for each lens.

praktica & lens'Now all told, this lot came to about £50. Not bad eh?

Now, I know that film is both expensive to buy and expensive to develop/print, but my thinking was that picking up a cheap film SLR would work out better in the long run. Firstly if it turns out to be a massive fad and I have no real interest in photography, then I’m not wasting too much money compared with buying a DSLR of comparable quality. Secondly I’d be forced to learn something. Film IS expensive, so I won’t be blithely clicking away through roll after roll; I’d have to thoroughly consider each shot before committing to it.

To make things doubly challenging for myself as a rank beginner I’m going without a light meter OR the use of the TTL (Through The Lens) metering in the camera, latterly because I’m without the the proper battery for now; fortunately Fred Parker came to my rescue with his Ultimate Exposure Calculator.

Stumbling across this was a bit of a eureka moment for me, and it was EXACTLY the sort of thing I was looking for.  If I were to boil the whole article down to brass tax, It amounts to a pair of charts that if used correctly, it enables the user to judge the proper exposure for any given situation using only the grey matter you take with you.  The scope of that article is far greater than I’m going into here, but I’d urge any beginner photographer to take a read;  It’s well written and is a great help in seeing through some of the more mystifying elements of manual photography.

So here I am gear in hand, head buzzing with new learned knowledge, ready to  head out into the cold winter environ.

Watch this space… (also, wish me luck. I’ll probably need it)



raison d’être

n., pl. rai•sons d’ê•tre (ˈreɪ zoʊnz ˈdɛ trə, ˈrɛz ɔ̃)

Reason For Existence.

The day to day at Angel is rarely uninteresting. As a medium to large sized scoring studio we do a lot of work for TV and films; this would represent our bread and butter. Setting the studio up for these sessions, manning the Pro Tools rig during them, editing the music together afterwards and ensuring that it’s presented in a logical manner, ready to be received by the next cog in the great machine is the mainstay of what I do there.

But there is another side to working at Angel. As with any other major recording studio it’s had to diversify in order to survive,  leading to some interesting sessions such as:

The point being that, recently I was reminded by good friend and colleague Dan Purdy over a quiet pint or two, that I am lucky enough to have what many people would describe as an interesting job. Then it was decided between the pair of us that I had lurked around on the internet for long enough and it was time, in my own small way, to begin contributing to the internet community at large. Cue an enormous amount of fear.

But I am here, and here I will be. Whilst I am here, I aim to share some insight into what it is like working as an assistant recording engineer at a top London Studio.  I hope to be of some educational value, if at all possible, but I doubt I will be able to achieve the lofty status of the chaps over at pro-tools-expert.

N.B. There shan’t be any spoilers (gossip seekers need not apply).

Also, I will probably talk a fair bit about my new-found hobby: Photography. In this respect I am a complete noob. A rank beginner who is looking forward to undertaking a journey of discovery, charting the process for all the world to see.. An excellent idea I think you will all agree.

So herein lies my raison d’être, I hope it will offer some insight into the ramblings that will appear forthwith, and I hope that some of you out there will not find it lacking, and might even enjoy a spot or two.


Just another session...